About Nitrous Oxide Sedation


Nitrous Oxide (N2O2) or "laughing gas"  is a safe, reversible adjunct to help you relax during treatment.  If you are particularly anxious about your visit to our office, it may be an option for you during your next appointment. You remain conscious and "in control" throughout the procedure.  

Here are some important facts that you should know first.

Q: What Is Nitrous Oxide?

Q: What Are The Benefits Of Having Nitrous Oxide During Dental Treatment?

Q: Who Can Have Nitrous Oxide?

Q: How Is Nitrous Oxide Administered?

Q: How Does Nitrous Oxide Feel?

Q: What If I Don't Like The Feeling?

Q: What If I'm Pregnant?

Q: What Should I Do Before Taking Nitrous Oxide?

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